Scavenger robot is a game that challenges your coding skills. Build and code your own control panel for a robot to acquire new components and expand your possibilities. Hack together your own solutions to move around, gather world data, display it on a screen, and find all components in a maze. You can even automate beating the whole game! See basic.lua in the help menu (press H) for a starting point on how to code in-game (Lua) and interact with the components.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
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Tagslua, programming, Robots


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Install instructions

You can now play in the browser - this is highly recommended option. If you want to run the game natively:
For Windows users - the game should run out of the box, if it doesn't notify me in the comments.
For Linux users - you need to have Lua 5.3 installed (Lua shared libraries specifically), and have pretty recent version of glibc available (couldn't compile it on an older system, sorry)


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I love to play around in this... game? Whatever it is, I do wish the connections were displayed with arrows. It would make it much clearer to see what goes where. Also, being able to disable H bringing up the help menu would help, or maybe just add a help button. Still, a great idea, and fun to mess around in!

the help menu keeps popping up whenever i press H even while i am typing in code. is there a way to disable that or am i going to have to deal with it for now?

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How to play on android?(controls)

Oh first I don't understand much. Can you make a short how-to video? ;o

The game assumes knowledge of Lua, for a quick start you can visit There are also written game-specific instructions on how to code for the programmable block - check out examples/basic.lua